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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Leadership happens at all levels of every organisation. Rooted in organisational values, leadership is visible through the everyday behaviours, attitudes, and interactions between people.  

At its most powerful, leadership creates the psychological safety that enables people to do their best work, and teams to achieve more together than any one of them could do working alone.

Why choose our program?

This program won't tell you what to do as a leader, because there is no 'best' way to lead. No single version of 'right'. No role model to copy. The great power of leadership is that there are so many 'bests' and so many versions of 'right'. Role models come in so many different forms.

Supported by our skilled and experienced team, you will discover your own unique strengths as a leader, and tailor your personal development journey so that you can realise your version of 'best' without compromising your authenticity.

Program structure

Three layers of learning

This immersive 16 week program uses three powerful layers of learning that work together to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and effective workplace application as learning activities progress from facilitator-led to peer-led to learner-led.

What people say ...

Personal coaching was definitely one of the highlights of this course – such a unique and unforgettable opportunity. My coach was a wealth of wisdom, intelligence, and experience, and the knowledge they shared has really resonated with me and will no doubt help me in my future – both personally and professionally. Many, many thanks for your support.

Participant, Sydney Water

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