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The Artful Argument is a unique professional learning and networking event. It's a space for academics, specialists, and senior leaders from industry and government to engage in collaborative conversations about complex, shared challenges in the delivery of projects. 

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Held monthly between February and November, this forum connects industry and academia by bringing together leaders, researchers, and specialists from across the project professions to advance their understanding of the problems they face and the solutions they might consider. What started in 2021 as a group of senior project leaders looking for a safe space to candidly discuss shared challenges has become a thriving community that bridges the academic and practical sides of project management.


Over the course of 3 hours and a two-course dinner, participants dive into the realm of wicked, adaptive problems where there are no clear-cut answers, courses, or experts to rely on - Arguments such as: "delusion and deception ruin reporting", "no-one can make a decision", "AI can replace project managers", and "capability is better bought than built". By sharing successes, failures, and insights, participants empower each other to navigate these complexities with resilience and innovation. 


Each Argument is facilitated by Kestrel Stone, CEO of Elemental Projects. Content and guest list are carefully curated by the Artful Planning Committee: Professor Jennifer Whyte, Director of the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership; Abhi Datta, National Chair of the ACES Executive Committee; Mark Heath, Managing Director of UniPhi; and Artful Co-Host, Matthew Winchur.


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