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Layer 3:
Personal Coach

The third layer of learning involves deep introspection and taking charge of your personal development with the support and guidance of a personal leadership coach.


Your coach will provide a sounding board for discussions about where you feel you should focus your development. Your coach will also suggest practical strategies and steps for making progress toward those goals – both during the program and afterwards.


You will have three 1‐hour sessions with a personal leadership coach. These are held after each workshop provide important touchpoints for planning and reflection.

Pre‐flection and preparation.

Prior to your first coaching session, you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with the elements of emotionally intelligent leadership, outlined in the following section. Talk to your manager, peers, and people close to you about which three elements you should focus on in this program (recognising that they are all interconnected).

Session 1 - Plan

Personal Coaching Session 1 – Plan. Your first personal coaching session will start with identifying the three elements of emotionally intelligent leadership to be developed during this program. You will then develop your Action Plan with your coach, highlighting practical steps that you can take in the workplace and in life, that will take you out of your comfort‐
zone, to your ‘learning edge’.

Session 2 – Review

This session involves evaluating your progress against your three self‐selected elements of leadership. You will discuss what’s working for
you, what’s challenging, and refine your Action Plan accordingly.

Session 3 – Transition

In your final session, you and your coach will reflect on your progress since the start of the program, discuss what you learned about how you learn, and how you might apply this self‐awareness to the pursuit of your future
leadership goals.

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