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Layer 1:
Group Training

Three face‐to‐face workshops will be delivered approximately six weeks apart. This offers time and space to reflect, explore, and experiment in the workplace before taking the next step.


In a nod to mindfulness, workshops 1 and 2 are called “Inhale” and “Exhale”, respectively. These workshops will explore models, concepts, and practices from contemporary leadership research.


The Inhale workshop will focus on self‐awareness, emotional intelligence, and connect you to the core values that inspire and drive you. It’s about understanding yourself as a person and as a leader.



The Exhale workshop will focus on your ability to understand, connect with, influence, and enableothers. It’s about how your leadership practice impacts others.



Reflection pulls it all together with a facilitated reflection on what haschanged in your thinking, mindset, and behaviour, since the start of the program. Other leaders fromyour organisation will be invited to the final hour of this workshop, to witness and validate yourreflections, and add to them by reflecting on what resonates with their own leadership journey.

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