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What makes our training effective.

By tying the content and activities to real world applications, allows participants to see how the skills relate to their job and supports them overcome challenges hindering their work performance.

Developed in-line with the 70:20:10 learning model our training programs have been designed so:

Content can be immediately applied as it's designed to build on existing knowledge

Practical instruction centred around participants' pain points instead of theoretical concepts.

People are given the chance to experiment in a safe environment and given specific feedback as they learn.

Multiple interactive methods including simulations, quizzes, case studies and independent reflection.

Sufficient time is allowed to fully debrief activities.

Goal orientated with measurable objectives along the way enabling participants to gauge their progress.

Modern concepts and theories

We will support you to meet the demands and maximise the opportunities of our ever changing world.

Application of knowledge

Gamified simulations support the practice of realistic skills where people can apply specific techniques and decisions.

Embedded learning

After training you have access to coaching and "bite sized" online learning modules to keep the learning alive.


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