Project success through competence, confidence, and culture

Award-winning training, gamified simulations, and nationally recognised qualifications 

Casual Business Meeting

BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management - for professional and accidental project managers

This is our flagship professional development program for project managers working in any industry. This nationally recognised qualification develops the hard/technical skills required to plan and organise projects, as well as the soft/leadership skills required to engage, influence, and lead people.

Gamified simulations are at the leading edge of adult education, providing a powerful experience that bridges the gap between theory-based learning and work-based application. Participants practice new ways of working in a safe, controlled environment... not to mention they're great fun!

The Artful Argument - network based professional learning 

The Artful Argument is a forum for leaders of complex projects and programs, PMOs, and project-based organisations from across the private and public sectors. Held out of hours, each session explores a different topic, challenge, or opportunity in a confidential and collaborative setting.


What makes training effective?

Training that is relevant, accessible, and practical enables participants to see how the learning supports their work and helps to overcome the challenge of applying new skills in the workplace.


Modern content

Our course content is specifically curated to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to succeed in today's ever-changing world.

Giving a Presentation

Practical application 

Practical team-based activities enable learners to practice and experiment with new skills in a psychologically safe environment.

Working Together

Making it stick

For three months after training, learners receive our Learning In Action series by email featuring articles, tips, and templates to keep the learning fresh and embed the behaviour change.