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Gamified simulations for experiential learning and memorable team building

Our multi-award winning simulations are at the leading edge of adult education. They provide a powerful experience that bridges the gap between theory-based learning and work-based application.

Gamified simulations enable a layered approach to learning, giving people the opportunity to practice new ways of working in a safe, controlled environment. They offer a fun, memorable, social learning experience - the "20" in the 70:20:10 learning framework. 

The gamification of professional learning lays strong foundations for teamwork, takes the sting out of failure, and protects individuals and organisations from the risks of learning “on the job”.

They are also powerful tools for professional development.  In addition to traditional project management concepts, tools and techniques, these simulations offer a platform for self-reflection, experimentation, and refinement of interpersonal, critical thinking and leadership skills to support the development of emotional intelligence and values driven behaviours.