Report Writing

1 day

Reports are a valuable tool to keep stakeholders informed, support the decision-making process and demonstrate that your project is progressing as expected.  When written in a concise and relevant way, they also serve to instil confidence so any potential concerns highlighted are clearly understood and the appropriate actions can be taken.

By learning how to adopt a reader-centric approach, this course will provide you with the written communication

skills to develop your message in a concise way, reducing questions, and when required motivating action by clearly articulating potential problems and mitigation strategies.

Topics covered:

  • Different types of reports

  • Best practice checklist

  • Understanding your audience to deliver key messages effectively

  • What to include … what not to

  • Using images and graphics to add impact

  • Planning to write

  • Writing the project summary

  • Risks vs issues

  • Communicating issues, risks and actions

  • Composition and structure

  • Writing in active voice

  • Editing and proof reading


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hofmann – Artist and teacher