Project Management Fundamentals

1 day

Managing even the simplest of projects requires you to balance deadlines, a budget and the quality of work.  So whether you’re managing your own work-based project, or contributing to a larger project, it is essential you have the organisational and fundamental project management skills to achieve what you set out to do.

This course will give you an understanding of best-practice project management theory, processes, tools and techniques. Including the chance to practice applying fundamental tools such as developing a Work Breakdown Structure in small teams with the support of an experienced facilitator.

Topics covered:

  • Fundamental project management theory, terminology, concepts and processes.

  • Characteristics of a project – what makes them different to “business as usual” work

  • The project life cycle and ten knowledge areas outlined in the PMBoK.

  • Key project management documents and the purpose and timing of each

  • Key concepts applicable to all projects

  • Initiate a project and develop a Project Charter

  • Define the scope using a Work Breakdown Structure

  • Develop a project schedule

  • Allocate work to team members using a responsibility matrix

  • Communicate and develop a Project Status Report

  • Identify and manage stakeholders

  • Close a project and develop a Post Implementation Review (PIR)


“I absolutely loved this course. Not just the tools being presented, but being able to apply them to real‐life projects during the course gives me confidence in applying the concepts at work. An eye opener and a really positive experience for me.”

Mark - Finance Manager