PIR and Lessons Learnt Workshops

Even when a project couldn't have gone better or worse, there's always lessons to be learnt.

It’s a sad truth that many projects fail at a spectacular rate.  There are many reasons for this which the project manager is not able to control, but wouldn’t it be great if those you could influence were picked up in the all-important planning phase? 

This is where a project pre-mortem comes in.

Our team can provide you with the support and guidance:

  • To tap into those knowledgeable people who may have concerns but are reluctant to speak up.

  • Help people find the prospective to reflect on hindsight as a predicter of future changes of success.

  • Identify risks and weaknesses that may impact your project’s changes of success.

That now brings us to the project postmortem, as even the best executed project has lessons to be learnt. 

Perhaps the most important factor is that running a project post-mortem is not seen as an investigation or way in which to assign blame.  Using an impartial “by stander” will sent the message to the team that you value their insight and you want give them an opportunity to dig deeper as a mechanism to promote continuous improvement.

Our facilitator will explore with the team their accomplishments and what they think they could do better next time.  This includes:

  • A short pre meeting questionnaire – giving people the opportunity consider and share their thoughts without being put on the sport

  • Setting a clear agenda  - giving people the information prior to attending and preventing group think

  • Keeping the workshop on track - our facilitator will keep people on constructive evaluation and use a range of questioning techniques to explore different perspectives and view points

  • Closing the loop – at the conclusion of the workshop we will prepare a debrief to enable the project manager to outline their conclusions and actionable takeaways.