Module 4:  Closing and Evaluating Projects

Live online (VILT)
2 x 3.5 hour sessions

In Person Instructor-led

1 day session

Most projects never formally close. They are either abandoned when cut; or peter out as the work draws to a close and people transfer off the project and onto the next one.

Yet, Closure is an important phase of the project and, when done poorly (or not at all!) can lead to a raft of headaches down the line.

It involves important administrative closure activities (like discharging contracts, notifying stakeholders and returning assets) and conducting a Post Implementation Review to evaluate the project and capture lessons learned for future projects. These topics are covered in the morning session.

The majority of this module is spent undertaking an interactive, educational and highly entertaining project management simulation "The Pitch" set in the world of 1960s New York. The simulation is an opportunity to bring together the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course and to draw parallels and insights relevant to project management in the real world.

Assessment information and support

​The following supports you embed what you've learnt in between training modules:

  • 1 hour Assessment webinar

  • Team of coaches to provide individual feedback email us to make an appointment

  • Module 4 Assessment due 3 weeks  after Module 4 training sessions

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“I absolutely loved this course. Not just the tools being presented, but being able to apply them to real‐life projects during the course gives me confidence in applying the concepts at work. An eye opener and a really positive experience for me.”

Mark - Finance Manager