Module 3:  Monitoring and Controlling Projects

Live online (VILT)
2 x 3.5 hour sessions

In Person Instructor-led

1 day session

This highly technical module focuses on the Implementation Phase.  It examines the processes, tools and techniques used to execute the work in accordance with the Project Management Plan and, while doing so, to monitor the project and apply controls where necessary to manage changing scope and keep the project on track.

Participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Measure performance using Earned Value Management

  • Develop Status Reports, manage information flow, run effective meetings and utilise Agile ways of working

  • Monitor and control quality using a variety of Quality Control tools; and

  • Manage emerging risks and issues throughout the Implementation Phase.

Assessment information and support

​The following supports you embed what you've learnt in between training modules:​

  • 1 hour Assessment webinar

  • Team of coaches to provide individual feedback email us to make an appointment

  • Module 3 Assessment due 3 weeks  after Module 3 training sessions​

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“I absolutely loved this course. Not just the tools being presented, but being able to apply them to real‐life projects during the course gives me confidence in applying the concepts at work. An eye opener and a really positive experience for me.”

Mark - Finance Manager