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Le Brouhaha:

Agile ways of working

Duration:  4 hours

Competition and merriment is what this simulation delivers, whilst simultaneously embedding knowledge and skills in Agile project management, leadership and communication.  

Run as a stand-alone event for professional development or team-building purposes.  Alternatively, it can be embedded in a larger transformation program to add an experiential component or to educate about the process of change, agile methodology and to develop emotional intelligence.

The challenge

Le Brouhaha pits two rival armies – Royalists and Revolutionaries – against each other in an all-out contest for glory and bragging rights in this super fun simulation incorporating Agile sprints, sprint planning sessions, sprint retrospectives, and of course French-speaking generals, drones and Nerf guns.

Expected outcomes

Teams are challenged to collaborate, adapt and problem-solve to conquer their enemy. This high-impact event illuminates core Agile concepts including:

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Team-based planning

  • Acting on lessons learned identified in retrospectives


Watch this simulation in Action!

Got a seminar or team building event coming up?

  • Can be tailored to focus on your strategic objectives.

  • Great way to inject a sense fun, whilst people are learning new skills.

  • Enhances collaboration between team members.


"It's not the strongest species that survives , nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change, that lives within the means available and works cooperatively against common threats."

Charles Darwin - English naturalist, geologist and biologist