Heath, Education,
Community and NFP

Welcome to the realm of the complex, wicked project where there are no ‘right answers’ to solving these complex problems.

Our team understand project and program managers in this space need to take a more flexible, adaptive approach through the utilisation of rolling-wave planning frameworks, continuous stakeholder engagement and sound benefits realisation practices.

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Our team recognise that success on these projects is not just measured in terms of delivering on-time and on-budget, but achieving the intended long-term social and environmental outcomes.


Uplifting capability to support the protection of cultural, environmental and built heritage

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment's project managers operate in a highly complex environment, with projects ranging from delivering capital works and construction, policy projects to climate-change research and community outreach. 

With most projects being culturally, historically and politically sensitive, Elemental Projects worked with DPIE to develop a program that would support both “hard” and “soft” project management competencies through the Diploma of Project Management including:

  • Giving their project managers the structure and underpinning theory along with “softer” elements such as leadership, positive influence and emotional intelligence

  • Access to coaches to support participants apply the skills on the job complete assessment tasks

  • Proving a pathway for individuals to achieve career advancement and recognition

Over a 5 year period the Diploma of Project Management became the most popular course delivered within the department.  With over a 90% completion rate the DPIE Delivery Office is now successfully lead by the people who completed the program.


Best practice project management to deliver justice and equality

Amnesty International challenge injustice by fighting oppression resulting in some of the most complex initiatives in the world.  Things most of us wouldn’t even think of as projects such as eradication of the death penalty and marriage equality, are managed using best-practice project management tools, techniques and frameworks. 

Elemental Projects worked closely with Amnisty's senior leadership team and stakeholders to:

  • Develop an overarching project management framework and tools

  • Deliver customised training using the newly developed tools incorporating “real world” scenarios

  • Support to embed the learning including access to coaches to enable their internal team and volunteers to successfully plan, execute and deliver projects

Working with Amnesty International Australia to equip their project managers with the knowledge and tools to structure these initiatives, and support the overarching benefit realisation framework, has been as rewarding for us as it was for participants.