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Game of Moans:
Leading a Change Project

Duration:  4 hours

This simulation can be run as a stand-alone event for professional development or team-building purposes.

Alternatively, it can be embedded in a larger transformation program to add an experiential component or to educate about the process of change, agile methodology and to develop emotional intelligence.

The challenge

Set in a fantasy world of dragons and monarchs, participants work in teams to support the newly throned Dragon Queen as she seeks to unite the people from the five Great Houses. After seven seasons of war and cruelty at the hands of House Lion, will the introduction of fire-breathing dragons (‘the change’) end in success or mutiny?

Expected outcomes

To increase the acceptance of the change, participants need to devise an effective change strategy including:

  • Identify established change management tools

  • Incorporate Agile methods including planning sessions, sprints and retrospectives

  • Conduct a change readiness assessment and post change impact analysis

  • Support people transition through change by understanding why they resist


Watch this simulation in Action!

Got a seminar or team building event coming up?

  • Can be tailored to focus on your strategic objectives.

  • Great way to inject a sense fun, whilst people are learning new skills.

  • Enhances collaboration between team members.


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new."