Finance, Professional Services and Business

Often occurring in response to commercial imperatives, with tight deadlines and short timeframes, projects in these industries are best suited to an Agile approach.  They also typically have a significant impact on people within the organisation, requiring a robust change management approach. 

By working with clients to implement a hybrid approach, where project activities are integrated with BAU, we have successfully supported projects achieve their objectives and realise the intended benefits.

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An Agile approach increases and an organisations ability to adapt to rapid change whilst boosting employee engagement by breaking down silos that present barriers to communication and collaboration.


Adopting an Agile mindset to deliver sustainable mining practices

Turnkey Innovative Engineering are a 100% Australian owned organisation, operating globally across multiple engineering disciplines. 

Prior to embarking on a ground-breaking project aimed at reducing the environmental impact of lithium mining through the construction a demonstration plant in the remote salt lakes of Argentina, it was identified the organisation needed to upskill their in-house team to support an Agile mindset as well as the underpinning project management skills.

Working in partnership with the senior leadership team, Elemental Projects developed a capability uplift program aligned to Agile and customised to suit Turkey’s specific projects and templates including:

  • Project Leadership training program - delivered to senior leaders and managers.

  • The Battle Gamified simulation - to promote team cohesion and enhance project management capability

  • Diploma of Project Management – delivered to key staff and integrated via assessment into their existing and future work to ensure participants had the capability to support the project and team members

  • Reward and recognition – via the writing and management of the submission for the AIPM Project Management Achievement Awards – culminating in accompanying their senior leaders to the gala awards for their auspicious win.


Developing Telstra's future leaders

With over $5 billion worth of capital projects undertaken each year, Telstra’s current and future leaders need to have a good understanding of the theory and practical application of project management concepts.

Working with Telstra’s L&D team, Elemental Projects delivered the Diploma of Project Management to people from a range of divisions including technology, capital works and corporate services.  By encouraging participants to use their workplace projects along with support from our coaches to complete assessment work, learning was rapidly embedded with minimal impact on their already busy managers.

A highlight of the initiative was an emerging Project Manager winning the prestigious Telstra CEO Award for Excellence in Project Delivery for the successful delivery of two major projects, which he attributed to the training program.


This course enabled me to have a great year in project management. I delivered two challenging but rewarding projects, won the CEO award for these projects, and have been helping our PMO to improve our project management systems. The above has been due to your training.

Michael (Telstra) - Diploma of Project Management