Cultural, Environmental and Sustainability

Elemental Projects takes great pride and pleasure in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations to develop practical skills and knowledge to support the delivery of environmental, cultural and community-based projects.

We work in partnership with you to develop the project management capacity of your people and teams by empowering them deliver their work with greater efficiency and impact.


One feature our capacity building programs have in common is a strong partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners in the design, delivery and evaluation of each program.


Protecting Our Places (POP) Grantee Support Package

A Story of Success

The POP program is a contestable grants program administered by the NSW Environmental Trust. Under the program, grants are awarded to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to conduct on-ground environmental works across the state.

Our team were asked to design and deliver a tailored support package for POP grantees. In partnership with Willing Consulting (an Aboriginal training and consulting business), we designed a program tailored to the specific needs of POP grantees, involving multiple state-wide “orbits” to deliver capacity building workshops on country. These workshops followed the lifecycle of a project so that grantees gained relevant knowledge, skills and support just in time to plan (Orbit 1) and then implement (Orbit 2) their project.

Workshops were customised for an Aboriginal context by balancing project management content (Elemental Projects) with Aboriginal leadership and cultural heritage content (Willing Consultancy).

In the three years since the program began, the number of grantees has doubled, and the Environmental Trust will be running two POP programs in 2020 in response to this enhanced capacity.


Project Managers' 5-day workshop

Keeping it real!

On behalf of the Australian Institute of Project Management, Elemental Projects and the National Aboriginal College (NAC) teamed up to facilitate a 5-day project management workshop for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander project managers. 

In consultation with the NAC, all resources were tailored to suit an Aboriginal audience by including cultural references, practices, and examples. Sessions were jointly facilitated by Elemental Projects and an Indigenous facilitator from the NAC, who led participants through a range of cultural activities focussed on Indigenous identity, history and the unique aspects of governance and leadership in Aboriginal contexts.

This included a wide range of project, from increasing the number of Indigenous high-school students articulating to university after the HSC; to a local Aboriginal artist organising his next exhibition in Redfern.

Importantly, these projects and programs were all real. The only pre-requisite for attending the workshop was participants had a current project.