Construction, Infrastructure and Utilities

These projects will reshape not only the landscape, but the way that cities and towns function in terms of movement, connection and place.  Through our work at the program and project level, our team have supported capability uplift for some of Australia's leading private and public sector organisations.


Our work with one infrastructure organisation supported a program delivering 30% more work with the same workforce, yielding a 17% cost saving across the portfolio whilst improving safety metrics by 12%.


Our work supporting Sydney Water uplift capability and transition through change.

Elemental Projects has been working with Sydney Water since 2017, supporting the implementation of a range of initiatives as part of their innovative team development program ‘Enable and Optimise’ in the Delivery Management division.

This includes the following to embed a series of business optimisation initiatives as part of a broader business transformation program:

  • Development of a range of innovative training solutions to embed new ways of working and support the change process

  • Delivery of internationally award winning gamified simulation "The Battle" to over 180 project personnel to embed the new Management Operations System

  • Ongoing consultancy to reward and recognise achievements by identifying, responding to and managing the process of local and international award submissions to highlight achievements

Our team continue to support Sydney Water achieve benefits realisation and highlight achievements on the following programs and initiatives:

  • Enable and Optimise - Roll out and embedding of a series of system and business process changes within the Delivery Management Division

  • Partnering for Success - Procurement led initiative to implement an end-to-end asset management framework including implementation of NEC4 contracts

  • Social Sourcing for Success - Talent acquisition project with the objective being to hire 82 previously outsourced infrastructure roles


We partner with industry and higher eduction organisations to support Project Management and Leadership Development.

Elemental Projects supported the Institute of Civil Infrastructure to launch its series of project management courses for the civil contracting sector. We are also supporting the University of Sydney’s John Grill Centre for Project Leadership in the design and delivery of leadership development programs for project leaders in the construction, engineering and transport industries.

Our work with one infrastructure organisation enabled them to deliver 30% more work with the same workforce, yielding a 17% cost saving across the portfolio, without burning out their staff.

At the same time as this efficiency gain was made, safety metrics improved by 12%, stakeholder satisfaction metrics improved by 11% and 82% of the workforce felt “connected to purpose”. 97% of participants reported that our learning program was “engaging and will support me to do my job better”.