Capability Booster: get better at projects, faster

Fast-track organisational capability uplift with this powerful package of training and consulting services to rapidly develop project personnel, streamline and strengthen project management methodology, and shape culture.


We’ve cherry-picked a handful of powerful consulting solutions to form our Capability Booster program, so you can get straight to turning the dial on project management capability, maturity and performance across your organisation.

There are some solutions that reliably, and dramatically, enhance project and program management maturity. They’re the no-brainers. The low-hanging fruit. Staples in every effective capability uplift program:

  • Investing in people’s project management skills is always going to have an impact.

  • Culture is always a powerful driver of performance.

  • A sensible, scalable PM methodology will always improve consistency and efficiency.

  • Engaging the people impacted by the change is always the best way to make it stick.


A structured approach to rapid capability uplift...

The Capability Booster program facilitates organisational transformation and capability uplift, while engaging meaningfully with people so they proactively respond to the change.

This program will:

  • Empower your workforce with the project management knowledge, skills and resilience required to successfully deliver projects and programs in today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world

  • Enhance your delivery methodology to support strategic and operational objectives while being sustainable and flexible enough to work for all types of projects 

  • Foster a culture of inclusion, innovation and agility, enabling your organisation to respond rapidly, and adapt coherently, to its ever-changing environment

organisational maturity assessment (21).

Capability Booster - 4 phase uplift cycle


Phase 1: Align and Integrate

This phase is about establishing a baseline to measure improvement. It involves:

  • Senior leaders workshop: 
    identify and benchmark strategic objectives.

  • Formation of the Booster Team:
    people to champion, coordinate and provide ongoing support.

  • Benefits baseline:
    determine 'current' and 'target' states with measures for planned outcomes.

organisational maturity assessment (32).