Building Change Resilience

1 day

The ability to adapt to change has been one of the most heavily tested skills during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. With teams returning to the workplace as restrictions are eased, we are entering a new phase  that will require leaders to support psychological safety and rebuild the resilience of individuals and teams.

This workshop will provide managers and leaders with the foundational skills to identify emotional triggers, implement coping strategies and develop a well-being plan to implement when returning to the workplace.

Using a discussion-based facilitation method, participants will have the opportunity to share their experience, concerns and insight to better prepare and lead their teams over the coming months.

Topics covered:

  • Leading in a VUCA world -
    How volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity impacts leadership

  • The 5 change resistance triggers - Understand 'primary reward' or 'primary threat' circuitry in the brain and how this impacts behaviour

    Identify and communicate project benefits

  • Emotional triggers -
    Get to know and understand emotional triggers and how to cope better in response

  • Emotionally Intelligent leadership
    Develop self-awareness to enable you to read the emotions of others and respond appropriately

  • Becoming an empathetic leader
    Techniques to develop mutual trust and understanding

  • Building resilience
    Practical tools to develop resilience so people having the ability to cope and adapt as events unfold

  • Coping strategies
    How mindfulness and imagination can help you to remain calm and support others

  • Building a team well-being plan
    Develop a well-being action plan to support ongoing psychological safety


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new."